Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Location / Size of the Region

Geographically, Michuhol-gu is located in the southern part of Incheon Metropolitan City, but it is right at the heart of the city's administrative districts. Michuhol-gu is just 40 minutes away from Seoul, the capital of Korea. Michuhol-gu occupies 24.84㎢ area, representing 2.5% of the total area of Incheon Metropolitan City. It stretches 6.2㎞ from east to west and 5.9㎞ from north to south.

Local Features

Michuhol-gu is the place of origin in Incheon's history : Historical sites such as Munhaksan(Mt.), Dohobuchungsa, Incheon Hyanggyo are located in Michuhol-gu. Michuhol-gu is the center of Incheon's development: Michuhol-gu is the center of geography, finance, and commerce in Incheon. Michuhol-gu is the core of Incheon's education: Leading Universities such as University of Incheon and Inha University are located in Michuhol-gu.