Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Mayor's Greetings

Mayor’s greetings

Greetings! It is my pleasure to speak to you.

My name is Jeong-sik Kim and I am the Mayor of Michuhol-gu, elected by the 7th popular vote.

Incheon, Nam-gu, which is the cradle of history and culture with a lively residential environment and philanthropic spirit, took its first step as Michuhol-gu in July 2018.

Today, Michuhol-gu is about to make its own leap forward as a new center of Incheon Metropolitan City, leaving behind a long recession whilst being committed to emerging as a place where every nook and cranny is filled with hope and happiness.

Michuhol-gu, a place where people really live well together.
Michuhol-gu, where we shall live well again.
Michuhol-gu, where we listen to your voice.

This change is being made by our residents realizing 'life politics' on a daily basis and putting proactive communication into practice.

As a people-oriented city where senior citizens are respected, children are seen as the future of the city and helped to spread their wings, and everyone has an opportunity for happiness regardless of gender and age, Michuhol-gu is moving forward towards a hopeful future, and dreaming of a new golden age.

We hope that our homepage will fulfill its obligations by communicating with you sincerely as an open-minded channel providing a great diversity of information. We hope that you will create fond memories and follow your dreams in Michuhol-gu.

As a servant working for our residents, I will do my best to make Michuhol-gu a hopeful place at the center of Incheon where all residents have a real sense of ownership.

Thank you.

Mayor’s brief personal history

  • Kim Jeong-Sik, Mayor of Michuhol-gu, the seventh representative elected by popular vote
  • Academic background
      • 1975. Mar ~ 1981. Feb Andong Yongsang Elementary School
      • 1981. Mar ~ 1984. Feb Kyongdug Middle School
      • 1988. Mar ~ 1994. Aug Department of History education, Daegu University
      • 2013. Mar ~ 2015. Aug Department of administration, Inha University Graduate School
  • Work experience
      • 2001 ~ 2012 Director and vice president of academy association of Incheon Metropolitan City
      • 2006 ~ present Director of Head Office of Habitat for Hopeful Korea
      • 2010 ~ 2010 Secretary of the director of Nam-gu office, Incheon Metropolitan City
      • 2010 ~ 2010 Organization director of the Democratic Party, Incheon Metropolitan City
      • 2012 ~ 2013 Secretary of Youn Kwan-suk, a member of National Assembly
      • 2012 ~ 2012 A member of Emergency Operations Room of Moon Jae-in, a candidate of 18th Korean presidential election
      • 2013 ~ 2014 Organization director of local election planning team at New Politics Alliance for Democracy (NPAD), Incheon Metropolitan City
      • 2014 ~ 2015 Planning leader of Administrative decentralization policy fair
      • 2016 ~ 2018 Management director of Incheon Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation
      • 2018 ~ 2018 Policy adviser to Woo Won-shik, a representative of a party of Democratic Party of Korea
      • 2018 ~ present Vice president of policy committee at a party of Democratic Party of Korea
      • 2018. July. 7th Director of Michuhol-gu office, Incheon Metropolitan City by popular election
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  • 담당부서 : 총무과
  • 담당팀 : 비서실
  • 전화번호 : 032-880-4004