Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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History of Michuhol-gu


The oldest name of Incheon was Michuhol, during the time of settlement of prince Biryu. During the era of Samhan (Three Kingdom) and Samguk, it was called Gyeongwon-bu, and Goryeo dynasty named this area Inju. This name was switched to Incheon-gun during the 13th year of King Taejong's reign in Joseon Dynasty, and the downtown was located Gwangyo-dong, which is currently located in Michuhol-gu. Incheon-gun was promoted to Incheon-dohobu during the 6th year of King Sejo’s reign in Joseon Dynasty because it was the hometown of Queen Soheon (wife of King Sejong), mother of King Sejo. However, Incheon-dohobu was degraded to Incheon-hyun during the 24th year of King Sukjong’s reign, but it was promoted to Incheon-dohobu again in 1698. Sungui-dong became Daehwajeong in 1936. Some parts of Sachungri and Ganseok-ri Daju-myeon Bucheon-gun were incorporated into Juan-dong, which was renamed Juanjeong in 1936, the same time period when Incheonbu was expanded. With the advent of the so -called “West Sea Era,” Michuhol-gu has been developing as a vibrant center of Incheon after dozens of expansions and transformations.

테이블이름 - 구분, 제출서류 순으로 내용을 제공하고 있습니다.
1936.10.1 Sungui-dong area was separated from Daju-myeon,Bucheon-gun, and was annexed into Daehwa-jeong, Incheon-bu
1936 Juan-dong annexed Sachung-ri and part of Ganseok-ri of Daju-myeon, Buchon-gun, and was named Juan-jeong, Incheon-bu.
1940 Integrated to Namdong-myeon when the surrounding region was named Incheonbu
1943.7.10 Munhak Branch Office is established to govern five dongs including Munhak-dong.
1947.4.1 The Incheonbu local district office's Juan branch was established, which controlled 9 dongs including Dohwa 1 dong. (United States Army Military Government in Korea)
1948.8.15 Three local district offices were officially launched in Namdong, Munhak, and Juan respectively.
1949.8.15 Incheon Bu was renamed into Incheon city according to the legislation of Local Autonomy-System.
1955.8.1 Munhak and Juan Branch Offices were closed according to Incheon City Ordinance No.128.
1956.10.1 Munhak and Juan Branch Offices were reopened according to Incheon City Ordinance No. 143.
1956.11.23 Branch Offices were divided into Nambu, Namdong, Munhak, and Juan Branch Offices-according to Incheon City No. 144.
1967.3.30 Gu-Establishment-Law for Incheon was pronounced according to Law No. 1919.
1968.1.1 Eliminated several local district offices. (The local district offices of Munhak,-Nambu, Juan and Nam-dong were consolidated.)
1970.1.1 Michuhol-gu established twenty-eight dongs by making 4 new dongs according to Incheon City Ordinance No.628
1979.1.1 Michuhol-gu established twenty-nine dongs by making 1 new dong according to Incheon City Ordinance No.1146
1979.5.1 Michuhol-gu established thirty-two dongs by making 3 new dongs according to Incheon City-Ordinance No.1187.
1981.7.1 Incheon City were upgraded into Incheon Jikhal City, which was under the direct control of the central government
1982.9.1 Michuhol-gu established thirty-seven dongs making 5 new dongs according to Incheon Jikhal City Ordinance No.1596.
1983.10.1 Michuhol-gu established thirty-eight dongs by making 1 new dong according to incheon Jikhal City Ordinance No.1649.
1985.11.15 Michuhol-gu established forty dongs by making 2 new dongs according to Incheon Jikhal City Ordinance No.1895.
1988.1.1 Namdong-gu was newly divided 13 dongs from Michuhol-gu, and Michuhol-gu had twenty -seven dongs according to Presidential Decree Chapter No.12367.
1991.11.4 Michuhol-gu Office was relocated to 131-1 Sungui-dong according to Ordinance No. 228.
1994.7.1 Michuhol-gu established twenty -nine dongs by making 2 new dongs according to Ordinance No. 321.
1995.1.1 Incheon Jikhal City became Metropolitan City of Incheon.
1995.3.1 Yeonsu-gu was newly divided from 8dongs Michuhol-gu,and Michuhol-gu had twenty three dongs according to Law No. 4802
1996.3.1 Michuhol-gu established twenty -four dongs by making 1 new dong according to Ordinance No. 379.
2009.2.1 Combine 3 dongs and make 21 dongs (Ordinance No. 947)
Sungui 1(il)-dong and Sungui 3(sam)-dong to merge into Sungui 1(il)·3(sam)-dong
Yonghyeon 1(il)-dong and Yonghyeon 4(sa)-dong to merge into Yonghyeon 1(il)·4(sa)-dong
Dohwa 2(i)-dong and Dohwa 3(sam)-dong to merge into Dohwa 2(i)·3(sam)-dong