Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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미추홀구 심볼마크 미추홀구 심볼마크 가이드

The symbol of Michuhol-gu is based on the shape of the crown of the Baekje Dynasty. The symbol represents the people who stand hand in hand around Munhaksan (Mt.) and Subongsan (Mt.), and advance forward to make this district fresh and clean as a center of Incheon. The upper part of this symbol represents unity and cooperation as shown by the connection of the same shapes, while the lower part represents the land that symbolizes the long history of Michuhol-gu. The whole shape is made to represent a dynamic motion.

미추홀구 시그니처
미추홀구 시그니처 가이드
미추홀구 시그니처 가이드


미추홀구 마스코트
  • Meetyou is characterized from prince Biryue of Michuhol kingdom. Prince Biryue loved Michuhol (kingdom) so much that he tried to make it strong⇒ establish a kingdom in this area. This is the reason that Michuhol-gu made its guardian mascot Meetyou out of prince Biryue.
  • Meetyou is cute, clever, and everyone loves him. Meetyou reminds us of the old name of Incheon, 'Michuhol ', and also sounds like'meet you', meaning 'nice to meet you', which shows emphasis on his role as a kind guardian of Michuhol-gu.