Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Incheon Hyanggyo

Incheon Hyanggyo – Tangible Cultural Asset of Incheon Metropolitan City No. 11

  • Classification : Hyanggyo
  • Size : 2,003㎡ including 7 buildings
  • Date of designation : November 9, 1990
  • Location : 589, Maesohol-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon

Hyanggyo serves as a shrine where people pay tribute to the deceased sages of Korea and China including Confucius. It also served as a public school for students in the non-capital area. Hyanggyo has several buildings such as Daesungjeon, Dongmu, Seomu, Myungryundang, Dongjae, and Seojae. The memorial tablet of Confucius is enshrined Daesungjeon. The memorial tablets of Korean and Chinese sages are also enshrined in Dongmu and Seomu. Myungryundang is a lecture hall, while Dongjae and Seojae served as dwelling places for Confucian scholars.

Incheon Hyanggyo is said to have been remodeled and expanded during the mid-15th century, however, its major buildings seem to have been newly built at the end of the Joseon Dynasty. Sammun (three gates) and other facilities in Incheon Hyanggyo underwent several massive repairs during the mid-20th century.

Twenty Chinese great sages are enshrined in the Daesungjeon building which has a double wing-bracket style structure with gabled roof and double eaves. Outer tie beams and bearing blocks are placed between the column tops and roofs of the building and are strongly connected with each other by small wooden pegs called Janghyeo and Dori. These are the features that represent Ikkong Architectural Style (double wing-bracket style structure with a gabled roof) of the late Joseon Dynasty. The Dongmu and Seomu buildings, where Confucius and the Korean sages are enshrined, can be found on the left and right sides behind the Daesungjeon building. Passing through Naesam Mun (three gates) are the education facilities such as Myungryundang, Dongjae and Seojae. All buildings in Incheon Hyanggyo have gabled roofs except for Myungryundang, which has an octagonal roof.


by bus

Take local bus No.27 at Dongincheon Station or Juan Station, or take local bus No.4, No.13 at Jemulpo Station. Get off at Incheon Hyanggyo. (Incheon Dohobucheongsa is just a 3-minute walk from here.)

by car

Take Kyeongin Highway, and depart at Dohwa IC. Pass the Juan Station, and turn right at the first intersection. Keep going straight passing Seokbawi intersection, Dongyangjang intersection, until Sinbi Maeul Apartments. Do not take overpass. Instead, turn right on the right lane beside the overpass. After a 2-km drive, you will arrive at your destination