Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Dansojang(a short bamboo flute maker) – The wide area of Incheon Intangible cultural properties 2

  • Owner : kim Hwanjung
  • Designated date : Nov. 9 1990
  • Types of Property : Handicrafts and Technique

Danso has a clean and elegant sound, making it suitable to be played solo. It is easy to play and is easily accessible to anyone. Bamboo is the main material used for this instrument. Korea has diverse species of bamboo, and any kind of bamboo may be used. However, the manufacturers prefer to use black bamboo. The manufacturing process starts with boiling the 20mm diameter and 700mm length bamboo in salt water for 10 hours in order to remove oily substances. Heat is then applied to the bent section in order to straighten it. Afterwards, it is soaked in cold water for 10 more minutes.