Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Incheongeunhaeuigaetganorae, Baennorae

Incheongeunhaeuigaetganorae, Baennorae– Incheon Intangible Cultural Properies 3

  • Owner : Cha Yeongnyeo, Song Uichin, Kim Byunggi, 
  • Chun Wongwan, jo Doyoung
  • Designated date : Dec. 24, 1988
  • Types of Property : Music

Korea is a peninsula with a large population that is engaged in the fishing industry. The offshore of Incheon includes many large and small islands. In addition, the city is located downstream from the Han River of Seoul. For this reason, Incheon has large population, and it possesses many songs relating to the area. The most popular songs are the Women's Seashore Song (Gaetganorae) and Men's Boat Song (Baennorae). Gaetganorae strongly expresses the hard daily work using the rhythm of paddling the water. The Nanani tune sings about the hard day's work of women, while group singing expresses the work of digging shellfish.

The Baennorae consists of Badasori that mimics the sound of rolling up an anchor, rowing and moving the fish from the net to the boat; Shisun Baennorae, a song sung when shipping the purchased fish to the land during the fishing season; and Baechigi which was sung so as to wish abundance of fish and safe return.