Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Munhaksanseong- Incheon Monuments 1

  • Types of Property : Castle Sites
  • Quantity : 1 Architecture
  • Designated Date : dec. 18, 1986
  • Address : 2pilji San27-1 etc. Munhak-dong, Michuhol-gu incheon

This monument is a rock castle built on the top of Munhak Mt. in Incheon. It is called Michuhol Castle or Namsanseong. According to written documents (Dongsagangmok, Yeojidoseo), Munhak Mt. was the capital of king Michu (Biryu). It includes a rock castle site and a well called Biryujung. The castle, which contains inner and outer walls, was specially constructed to surround the mountaintop. Inside the castle, there was a beacon mound.

The 100m inner castle and 200m outer castle maximized the geological benefits in its construction. According to records, there was a 5m high wall at the center of the castle, however, most of the walls have been destroyed. The battle record at this site can be found in the Incheon Prefect Record. During the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, Head Prefect Kim Minsun and Kim Chansun repaired the castle and led the residents in fighting against the Japanese army. Munhaksanseong is located 10km southeast of the Incheon port, and Incheon is visible from the top of Munhak Mountain. Take bus No. 4 at DongIncheon station to Munhak-dong and stop at MunhakGogae. There is a military base at the peak of Munhak Mountain, thus some areas are made restricted to the public.