Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Bompae, Jakbupmu

Bompae, Jakbupmu(parachum) – Incheon Intangible Cultural Properties 10-1

  • Owner : Kim Neunghwa
  • Designated Date : Feb. 4, 2002

The boat owner offered the Pungueojei every year or once every couple of years in order to pray for the safe return of the fishermen and a good catch. The offering is also made in order to pray for the prosperity of his family as well. There are two different kinds of Seohaeanpungueojei: Baeyeonsingut and Daedonggut. Baeyeonsingut is performed uniquely on a boat in the middle of the sea as a wish for a safe return and a good catch by the owner.

A female shaman performs the ritual. Daedonggut is performed in order to pray for safety and a good catch, as well as cooperation and peace of the village. The ritual cost is shared by the village residents. The Baeyeonsingut process has 12 stages, which include starting by greeting God and ending the ceremony near the waterside. Daedonggut starts by greeting the gods, comforting the spirits lost at sea and releasing the bad luck of the village on a small boat. The Daedonggut process has a total of 24 stages.