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Eunyultalchum(Mask dance drama of Eunyul) – Important Intangible cultural Properties 61

  • Owner : Kim Chunshin, Min Namsoon
  • Designated Date : Feb. 23, 1978

Eunyultalchum originated from Eunyul, Hwanghae-do. Eunyultalchum is categorized in Haeseotalchum with Bongsantalchum and Kangryungtalchum. It is a traditional mask dance play performed on Buddha's birthday in April, the Dano festival in May and the Buddhist All Souls Day in July. The talchum originated 200-300 years ago when the refugees who had escaped to the island wore masks in order to hide their shame as they return to their hometown.

In the mid 19th century, famous dancers such as Cho Byungmo, Park Donghwan, Park Wonshik and Park Namsang established a particular system, and it later developed into a play.

This play consists of 6 chapters: the lion's dance, the Sangjwa's dance, the 8 Mokjungs' dance, the yangban dance, the old monk's dance, and the grandfather and grandmother dance. The play has 22 dancers, and a variety of instruments including the flute, large transverse bamboo flute, drum, Jang-go, Korean fiddle, Korean clarinet, large gong, and small gongare are used in the play.