Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Michuhol-gu Haksan Culture Center

Michuhol-gu Haksan Culture Center

  • Location : 82, Juan-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon
  • Phone : 032-866-3993

Making daily life more exciting than imaginable, and participation more exciting than daily life! Michuhol-gu Haksan Culture Center, a cultural community built together

The Michuhol-gu Haksan Culture Center was established based on the ‘Local Culture Center Promotion Law.’ The name of the center is derived from Haksan Lecture Hall, the cradle of Incheon’s spirit, which was formerly located on the south end of Mt. Munhaksan. The aim of the Michuhol-gu Haksan Culture Center is to become a cultural organization ‘built together with residents.’ To realize this aim, the center is offers various programs in cultural and artistic education, experiences and culture-sharing, teaching local history and culture as well as enabling people to freely share and enjoy culture and the arts.

Culture & arts programs

  • with the participation of residents. “The culture & arts programs are produced together with the citizens.”
  • - Publishing Haksan Sodam, a cultural information magazine (webzine) written by the residents
  • - Hapumhakgyo (yawning school), a movie-watching program with commentaries and discussions / Hapum Movie Festival made by the residents
  • - Silver Company Haksan and Silver Folk Song Road Company, where senior citizens perform for themselves to serve the community and share enjoyment

Community Culture School

“Operating various cultural education programs to contribute joy and serenity to the daily lives of citizens”

Culture & arts education

“Local art lecturers and facilities join together to create and operate meaningful cultural and artistic education programs” Drama classes for housewives / culture & arts education for children covering general genres / culture & arts education for parents (provided in cooperation with the Michuhol-gu Office of Education / Supporting students’ group activities & education / Local culture community program through which residents learn life arts and share them with others

Experience & travel

“This is a traveling program through which people visit places with themes such as history, arts, literature and more while sharing their feelings.” Traveling to historic places / experiencing art centers / experiencing literature

Unearthing unique local cultural items and studying local history and culture

“The project aims to procure, record and convey the historic and cultural spirit of Michuhol-gu, the root and cradle of Incheon that perfectly preserves the history and culture of the city.” Publishing the Haksan Culture Series / publishing cartoons on Michuhol-gu’s history / publishing community magazines / installing and managing tablets for non-appointed cultural assets