Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Subong Park

Subong Park


With a size of 332,694㎡ (100,639 pyeong), Subong Park is located around Sungui-dong, Dohwa-dong, Yonghyeon-dong and Juan-dong of Michuhol-gu. Originally, the name 'Subongsan' was derived from a saying that the mountain floated in from the West Sea. People then started to regard Subongsan as a sacred mountain with a vital energy that enables women to give birth to baby boys. Subongsan stands 104.4m high. To honor the souls of 379 soldiers who fell during the Korean War, a memorial was built on the summit of Subongsan in 1972. While repairing this monument in 1976, lighting and convenience facilities were installed around the monument plaza and elsewhere to form the current park. Today, Subong Park has an artificial waterfall, library, memorial, green rest areas, trails and more.

Inside the park are the Korean classical music center and culture center, where small and large performances are continuously staged for visitors. There is also a yard for Korean traditional folk games that is open for various folk performances. At the Teaching Center for Eunnyul Talchum (mask dance), performances of this intangible cultural asset take place (first season: June to July, second season: September to October). Of particular note, the park is filled with many monuments commemorating patriotism, such as the memorial, a monument to Incheon's war record, the volunteer troops' monument for Korean students in Japan, and more. There is also 'Mangbaedan,' where displaced people can hold ancestral rites. The artificial waterfall and the library, which were constructed in 2009, are enjoyed by many citizens as they provide an unsoiled rest area and the opportunity for fostering aesthetic sentiments.


by bus

Buses #4, #15, #21, #22, #33, #70, #1600 go to the park via Jemulpo Station, while buses #41, #45, #39 and #9 go to the park via Dokjaengi Hill.

by automobile

Take 1st Gyeongin Expressway and exit at Dohwa IC. Turn left towards Jemulpo, go straight for approximately 200m, and then turn left again.

Additional information

There are few tourist sites immediately adjacent to the park. However, the Incheon Culture & Arts Center, Munhak Dohobu, Munhak Stadium and shopping centers such as Shinsegae Department Store are located within a 15-minute distance. Considering traffic, it takes approximately thirty minutes to travel from the park to the Songdo Amusement Park, Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Center, Wolmido, Chinatown or Yeonan Pier.