Michuhol-gu, INCHEON Metropolitan city

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Munhak Stadium

Munhak Stadium


Incheon is Korea's center hub port in west coast, and it is ever heightening its global position as the industrial and cultural gateway with the opening of Incheon International Airport on Yeongjong Island. In commemoration of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was built on the foot of Munhaksan (Mt.), which is the place of origin of Incheon. It is located 2.5 km southern to Incheon City Hall. Seohaean Expressway passes its southern part, and the city subway line 1 stops at the stadium for easy access.

The architectural motif comes from the sail and mast that capture the essence of lncheon as the maritime gateway of the Korean West Coast. The roof, which is patterned after the sail and mast, blends beautifully with the surrounding mountain ridgelines. To embed the traditional beauty of Korean unique curve to the structure, the use of steel was minimized, and a pure cable structure was used instead. The weight of the roof was reduced by using coated fabric membranes. The cable and membrane structured roof, which covers 98% of all seating, has a light penetration rate of 13-15%. During the night, the external dispersion of lighting features a fantastic scene as a landmark of 'Green Incheon 21'. The stand is very functional in that a combination of semicircle and lines, thus enabling the spectators to get as close as possible to the performance.

Although built for the soccer World Cup, the two-tiered stadium is an all-purpose facility, having incorporated a running track around the infield. Next to it is a newly built baseball stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000. The stadium also incorporates restaurants, multi-purpose event hall, wedding hall, banquet hall, culture centre, business centre and other leasing facilities. The whole area is designated as the recreational centre for Incheon.


areas at San-8 Munhak-dong Michuhol-gu Incheon


133,592 pyeong (441,628 ㎡)

Construction period

Jul. 1994 to Dec. 2001


by subway
  • At the Incheon International Airport, take a non-stop seat bus No. 300. Get off at Gyesan bus station, and transfer to the Incheon subway line 1 at Gyesan Station. Then, get off at Munhak Stadium Station
  • At the Incheon International Airport, take a non-stop seat bus No. 111 or an airport limousine bus. Get off at Incheon Terminal bus station, and transfer to the Incheon subway line 1 at Incheon Terminal Station. Then, get off at Munhak Stadium Station.
  • It's 10 minute walk from Incheon Terminal.)Take a Gyeongin Railway, and transfer at Bupyeong Station to Incheon subway line 1. Get off at Munhak Stadium Station(exit no. 2)
by bus

Take local bus No. 27 at Dongincheon Station or Juan Station, or take local bus No. 4, No. 13 at Jemulpo Station. Then, get off at Incheon Hyanggyo. From here, Incheon Dohobucheongsa is just a 3-minute walk.

by car

Take Kyeongin Highway, and depart at Dohwa IC. Then, pass the Juan Station, and turn right at the first intersection. Keep going straight passing the Seokbawi intersection, Dongyangjang intersection, until Sinbi Maeul Apartments. Do not take overpass. Instead, turn right on the right lane beside the overpass. Go for 2 km, and you will arrive at the destination.

by subway

Get off at Munhak Stadium Station.

City Bus Tour

The Songdo Park (first bus is at 10:00 a.m. and departs every hour) -> The Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation-Neungheodae -> Aam-do -> The Songdo New Town Promotion Center -> Incheon Dohobucheongsa -> Munhak Sports Complex (first bus: 10:55 a.m.)

Express bus

All the buses only go as far as the Incheon Bus Terminal, meaning you cannot go to Munhak Stadium by bus. The subway is the most convenient transportation going to this destination. Take the subway for Dongmak at the Incheon Bus Terminal, get off at Munhak Stadium Station, and get out at exit no. 1.

- Depart from Incheon Bus Terminal -> Take subway (Incheon Bus Terminal) -> Get off at Munhak Stadium (exit no. 1)

- Depart from Incheon Bus Terminal Complex -> 10 minutes by foot -> arrive at Munhak Stadium

From Gimpo International Airport
  • By Car
    • Take the Seoul Ring Expressway (toward Incheon and Pangyo), and take the second Gyeongin Expressway at Jangsu IC. Depart at Munhak IC, and arrive at Munhak Stadium.
  • Gimpo airport→ Seoul Ring Expressway (Jangsu IC)→ the second Gyeongin Expressway (toward Incheon)→Munhak IC→Munhak Stadium
  • By Limousine Bus from the Gimpo International AirportThere is a Limousine Bus at the Airport Bus Station No. 1. Take the bus for either Yeonsu-dong or Dap-dong, and get off at Incheon City Hall. Take subway line No. 1 at the Incheon City Hall Station.
From the Incheon International Airport
  • At 7A outside the airport, you can take a seat at bus No. 111 (get off at Incheon Bus Terminal). Take a non-stop seat bus no. 300 (get off at Gyesan Station, take subway line No. 1, and get off at Munhak Stadium)
  • At 5B and 10B outside the airport, you can take the Airport Limousine Bus heading for Incheon and get off at Munhak Stadium